10 Reasons to Choose the Sicamous

There are many benefits to having a wedding on board the ship, here are just some of the reasons for choosing the Sicamous:

What are the benefits of a Wedding at the SS Sicamous?

  1. The SS Sicamous is offered for the entire day (for the ceremony and reception)
  2. This is a truly unique venue (the largest Stern Wheeler in Canada!) with awesome photo opportunities at every turn. The rose garden is just outside, and vineyards are a short drive away (prefect for your pre-look photos, or family shots).
  3. We have a list of recommended vendors, so you are free to choose the caterer of your choice (this can be a hidden cost at other venues).
  4. Because the ceremony and reception are held at the same location, there is no need to organize logistics or transport for guests.
  5. Bar Service is entirely at your discretion (your choice of wine and beverages, with no corkage fee! )
  6. A selection of hotels and motels are within easy walking distance from the venue.
  7. Guests are not confined to the Reception, and are free to roam through this popular tourist attraction.
  8. The interior is stunning already, so few decorations are needed. (This helps the budget, and allows you to focus on other aspects).
  9. Funds from your Wedding go directly to a local charity (the S.S Sicamous Society) to protect Okanagan heritage.
  10. All wedding options include an experienced Wedding Planning Team to help you every step of the way.

If you have questions, just ask. We are here to help.

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