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Okanagan Wedding Venue - On Penticton Lake - An Hour from Kelowna

Invite up to 8o guests for a formal dinner and 100 for standup cocktail reception. You can select the Caterer and wines of your choice. The SS Sicamous is the largest surviving stern wheeler in Canada. It is open as a museum, wedding venue and must-see tourist attraction. You can find us on the beach in Penticton, BC. Wedding Receptions are held on the second level, in the dining saloon.

Wedding Receptions & Seating

The dining saloon is the heart of any event on board the ship.  The room is long, with colored glass windows and hardwood floors. This room can accommodate up to 80 guests for a formal seated dinner or 100 guests for a standup cocktail style reception (where guests mingle and eat appetizers, but do not have a formal seated meal). Tables and white wedding chairs are included.

Explore the Dining Saloon

The Details

  • Seats: Up to 80 guests for a formal dinner.
  • The dance floor is located in the same room as the reception (it is placed at the end opposite to the Head Table)
  • The buffet is usually placed in the “Ladies Saloon”,  right next door.
  • Cakes and desserts can be displayed in the main dining saloon, on the vintage cabinets, or on a dessert table in the ladies saloon.
  • There is a small kitchen beside the dining saloon. Did you know? The original ships galley is actually directly below, on the cargo deck. Food would have been sent up to passengers by dumbwaiter!
  • Guest book and gifts are often displayed on an antique glass case at the top of the stairs.
  • Decorating and laying the tables is the responsibility of the wedding party.
  • We have linens, vintage plates, wine glasses and cutlery available for rental (some caterers can also provide these).

See the Dining Saloon in Action

Table and Seating Diagrams for a Wedding Reception

Examples of Different Table and Seating Arrangements

Wedding Reception at the SS Sicamous
Wedding Reception at the SS Sicamous, with white wedding chairs and horse shoes seating. Photo by Jenna Hill Wedding Photographers.

Extra Details for Planning:

How many tables and chairs are there? There are 24 rectangular tables. We also have 100 white wedding chairs, and up to 10 Chiavari chairs for the head table.

How big are the tables? Tables are 6 feet long by 2.5 feet wide. They comfortably seat 3 people per side. We also have six folding cocktail tables that are available.

What do the chairs look like? The chairs are white resin, with white cushions (shown in the large photo above) These are are included with all wedding bookings at the Sicamous.  If you see different chairs in the photos they have been rented for the occasion, or were used by guests before the new resin chairs arrived.

To see more pictures of Wedding Receptions that have been held at the SS Sicamous, please click here

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