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 ss-sicamous-wedding-reception-ceremony-penticton-okanagan-1 The Dining Saloon

This is the location for the Wedding Reception, and is the heart of any event on board the ship.  The room is long, with coloured glass windows and hardwood floors. The dance floor is located at one end, and this room can accommodate up to 100 guests for a formal seated dinner.

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 douglas-drouin-2013-inside-the-ss-sicamous-penticton-31  The Cargo Deck and Steam Boiler.

Guests walk through the cargo deck, and past the boiler on their route upstairs. This area has the model railway, as many of the museum’s displays. The engines, steam boiler and much of the machinery is intact and on show for your guests to explore before the starts of the reception.

 lisa-haywood-photography-ss-sicamous-interior-ladies-saloon-penticton-okanagan-2016-3 The Ladies Saloon

This is a beautiful room for the buffet, dessert and more. The ladies saloon is the blue room at the stern of the ship. It is a great room for conversations and relaxing away from the big crowd. We do ask that no food is consumed while sitting on the sofas.

 view-of-grand-staircase Gentleman’s Saloon

At the front of the ship you will find the gentleman’s saloon, with red carpets, original cane bench and the grand stair case. This is where the bar is located, and is a great location for appetizers. It is also an option for saying the wedding vows.

 douglas-drouin-2013-inside-the-ss-sicamous-penticton-22 The Observation Deck

Located above the Gentleman’s Saloon, this area  overlooks the grand stair case. It is quieter up here, and guests can sit, relax and catch up. This level also houses the Officer’s lounge (where the groom’s men can get ready) and several original passenger cabins.

 model-railway-train The Model Railway

The museum displays and model kettle valley railway are on the ground deck, and are open for your guests to explore before the start of the wedding reception.

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