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Explore four decks of this beautiful heritage venue, on the beach in Penticton BC. Find us on the shore of Okanagan Lake, with stunning views of the valley.

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The SS Sicamous is a premier heritage site and waterfront wedding venue . You can find the ship on the beach in Penticton, BC (just one hour south of Kelowna, or four hours from Vancouver MAP).  When you book the ship for your wedding,  your friends and family will have the entire venue to themselves, and with four decks to explore, there is plenty to see. The ship is also yours for the entire day, so the wedding ceremony and reception can be held on board. The Sicamous is a truly unique location for a wedding, and there are beautiful photo opportunities at every turn. Take a peek below, or contact us today to arrange to tour in person.

The Grand Stair Case

Gentleman’s Saloon  and Grand Stair Case – At the front of the ship you will find the gentleman’s saloon, with red carpets, original cane bench and the grand stair case. This is where the bar is located, and is a great location for appetizers. It is also an option for saying the wedding vows. The banisters of the stair case are made of mahogany that was shipped all the way from Australia. Each piece was carved by hand in the Okanagan, by the skilled carpenters working on the construction ( in 1914).

The Grand Staircase is a perfect location for exchanging your wedding vows.

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The Observation Deck

This is the third level of the ship. It has cabins, displays and an area for the grooms men to get ready on the day of the Wedding . This area also overlooks the grand stair case, so friends and family can have a perfect view of the wedding ceremony on the stairs. The huge guilt framed mirror above the stairs is more than a century old, and originally hung on the walls of the Incola Hotel (Penticton’s own luxury railway owned hotel).

View from the top of the grand stair case.

The Dining Saloon

The Dining Saloon. This is the location for the Wedding Reception, and is the heart of any event on board the ship.  The room is long, with coloured glass windows and hardwood floors. The dinner, speeches and first dance are held in this room. The ship can accommodate up to 100 guests for a formal seated dinner. Tables, chairs and sound equipment are included, and will be set up for you by the SS Sicamous Crew. Learn more about Receptions on the SS Sicamous.

A perfect location for the Wedding Reception and the Dance Floor

The Ladies Saloon

The Ladies Saloon. This is a beautiful room for the buffet, dessert and more. The ladies saloon is the blue room at the stern of the ship. It is a great room for conversations and relaxing away from the big crowd. We do ask that no food is consumed while sitting on the sofas. This is also an area where the bride and bridesmaids can get ready before the Wedding.

During Wedding Receptions, the buffet, coffee and desserts are placed in this room.

The Model Railway

The museum displays and model kettle valley railway are on the ground deck, and are open for your guests to explore before the start of the wedding reception. This model is cared for by the Kettle Valley Model Railway Club, and has taken more than 10,000 hours to build. The trains can run at the press of a button, and there is lots for guests to see.

A scale model of the Kettle Valley Railway – For the young, and the young at heart.


The Engine Room

Intact and open to explore.

The Cargo Deck and Boiler

The Cargo Deck and Steam Boiler. Guests walk through the cargo deck, and past the boiler on their route upstairs. This area has the model railway, as many of the museum’s displays. The engines, steam boiler and much of the machinery is intact and on show for your guests to explore before the starts of the reception. The boiler has its original shovels and rakes laid out for display.

Turn around and you will see the firebox and steam boiler.

The Captain’s Wheel

The original Captains wheel. At the base of the wheel are two handles, that connect to bells in the engine room. This is how the Captain communicated with the engineers. Directly above you can see the handle for the whistle, the Captain would pull this at each dock when there were newly weds on board, so that people could come and congratulate them at each stop.

With stunning views of Okanagan Lake, and a unique location for wedding photos.

After Ceremony Photos - Holly Louwerse
Bride and Groom in the Pilot House – Photo by Holly Louwerse

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