What is a Wedding Day Coordinator?

What IS a Wedding Day Coordinator?

A wedding day coordinator will help to run the entire wedding day (and the rehearsal!). They will make sure that all of your hard work and plans are executed smoothly so you can enjoy yourself and relax. This also means more time to spend with friends and family.

What are the benefits of a Wedding Day Coordinator?

  • They look after the details, so you have more time to spend with friends and family
  • You will have a professional and detailed minute by minute time-line for the wedding. This is delivered to you, your family and the vendors.
  • You will have expert help with the rehearsal (instructing the bridesmaids and attendants where to stand, and advising on timing and proceedings of the ceremony, as well as the signing of the wedding certificate and registration documents)
  • They will make sure that the right people are in the right place at the right time (for photos, for the toasts, for the start of the wedding ceremony). You will be amazed at how much wrangling is needed on the wedding day, to get everyone in position!
  •  Your day of coordinator will be professional and dedicated and calm throughout, as they have done this many times before.
  • You will have an extra pair of hands to help where and when they are needed; solving the inevitable hiccups, and solving potential problems before they even start.

In conclusion: By having a professional member of staff on hand from start to finish, you can rely on their experience, skills and organization. The Wedding day is full of little details that are easy to forget. With a day of wedding coordinator, it means that everyone in the wedding party can take time to relax and enjoy the day, without worrying about the little, gritty details of this large, important event.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does it work? (Do they just turn up on the day?)

Although they are called “Day-Of” coordinators, the actual work will begin a month or two before the wedding. To start Tammi and Jillian will sit down with you over coffee (or wine) and go over the details for your Wedding ceremony and rehearsal. They will ask lots and lots of questions, and suggest items and details that may have been forgotten along the way. This information will be compiled into a detailed, minute by minute schedule for the day of the wedding. This will be shared with the vendors and the wedding party, so that everyone knows the plan.  Tammi and Jillian will also meet with your vendors to discuss the details (for setting up, service and take down, and to check that everything goes exactly to plan).  The wedding coordinators will be in touch in the lead up to the wedding (to answer questions, and help with any last minute trouble solving). They will then accompany you for the rehearsal, and will be there with you through out the entire day of the wedding; ensuring that the inevitable hiccups are solved, without you even noticing.

What is the difference between a wedding day coordinator and a venue manager? (Isn’t this already included at the other venues?)

The Wedding Day Coordinator and the Venue Manager work together, filling slightly different, but complimentary roles. The venue manager will focus on the ship, making sure that everything is perfect (tables, linens etc.) while the Wedding day coordinator will focus on you! On a day they may be: directing guests, meeting with the commissioner, fixing a broken zipper on the wedding dress, tracking down missing flowers, acting as bouncer, running to buy ice, or making sure that your Aunty Edna gets a safe ride home.  Both will work with you on the wedding day, to make it perfect and memorable. So although every venue you visit will have a manager, few will include a wedding day coordinator.

Why is the Day of Coordinator included?

For many, the venue is the first big item that you will book when planning your wedding, so you are only just getting started. By including this service automatically with every booking, we are taking a huge weight off of your shoulders (and of your close family) on the day of the wedding. You will thank us later, we promise 🙂

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