At the End of the Night

Closing Down at the end of the Wedding Reception

You might be wondering what happens at the end of the evening. Every venue is a little different, but here is what you can expect after an event on the SS Sicamous:

Bar Service and Last Call

The bar shuts down at 12 midnight, and no drinks can be purchased after this. We will also instruct the bar tenders to softly begin letting guests know 20 to 30 minutes before, so there is not a rush to purchase at the end of the night.

 What happens after the bar closes?

  • After the bar closes guests have 15 to 30 minutes to drink up the drinks that they have. (After 30 minutes there can be no signs of alcohol being consumed).
  • A few minutes after the bar closes, we will raise the lights, to signal to the guests that the evening is winding down.
  • Music can keep going a little longer. We require that it is turned off by 12:15, as this gives your DJ time to start closing down and packing away their heavy equipment – so they can exit the venue and go home for 1am.

The Pumpkin Hour

(Tearing down and cleaning up after your Wedding- from 12midnight to 1am). It’s the end of a wonderful evening. The clock has struck 12, and the magic has started to fade….

Here is a list of things that your wedding helpers will need to look after, before heading to bed:

  • Left over cake placed in the fridge, or taken that evening.
  • Tables stripped of linens.
  • Décor packed in boxes, ready for collection in the morning.
  • Garbage collected, bagged and moved outside to the base of the white stairs.
  • Empty cans and bottles put into clear plastic bags.

The Early Bird Option
With the Early Bird Option, you will have extra time the next morning (from 9am to 11am) to come and finish the clean-up 🙂

These are the items to look after in the morning:

  • Left over alcohol moved from the bar to the back doors.
  • Using the ladders; climb up and remove any string lights, paper lanterns, garlands or flowers that are strung from the ceiling.
  • Collect any forgotten items
  • Mop up any large spills or messes.


Questions about Clean Up

 Do we need to pack away the tables and chairs?
Nope. The tables and chairs can stay in the dining saloon. Tables will need to be stripped of linens though.

If we rent items from the Sicamous do we need to clean them?
Catering staff are expected to rinse the rental items after use, and to leave the kitchen as they found it. Bar staff are also expected to rinse the wine glasses before leaving for the night. After the catering staff go home for the night, guests can simply stack the cake plates neatly in the kitchen at the end of the evening, no cleaning required J.

Can we leave items such as decorations for pick-up the next day?
If your wedding has the Early Bird Option, you are welcome to store items by the dining saloon door overnight, ready for early morning pick-up (from 9am to 11am). Everything you bring into the ship for your event should be removed by the time the rental period is over.

Where should we put the garbage?
Please place the garbage bags outside, at the base of the white stairs. New garbage and recycle bags can be found in the kitchen (look in the cupboard under the little sink).

What about the recycling?
We happily accept donations of recycling (beer cans, pop cans, and wine bottles too). Recycling can be placed alongside the garbage bags. Funds from recycling returns go straight back to the restoration.

Its midnight but I want to keep partying?
The party doesn’t have to stop, but unfortunately it can’t stay on board. Penticton is home to two night clubs that might tickle your fancy.  For the after party, your guests might like the Barking Parrot or the Blue Mule Night Club. They are a short walk from the ship (and an even shorter ride by taxi).

Is there a taxi or shuttle service available for my guests?
Staff will be happy to call a taxi for you. Local shuttle services include the Coconut Express, and we have arranged an exclusive 10% discount for SS Sicamous weddings and events.

 Do we have to lock up at the end of the night?
There is a member of the Sicamous Crew on board from start to finish. They are on board to help with trouble shooting, to answer questions and to lock up at the end of the evening 🙂

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