An Interview with Brodo Kitchen

Brodo Kitchen and Catering

Tell us a little about yourself? We are  on Main Street, Penticton. We use only the best local ingredients in his dishes, and like to sit down to personalize the menu, so it is uniquely suited to you and your guests. All of our servers help in the kitchen to prepare and cook the food, so they know our dishes inside out.

What is the best way to contact you?
People can either email us at or by phoning Brodo Kitchen at 778-476-1275

What is the price range for your service?
Although we can cater to any budget, generally we would be classed between middle to high as we use locally sourced and premium quality products.

How would you describe Brodo Kitchen and Catering?
BRODO aims to tempt your taste buds with the Okanagan, reflecting the bounty of the land; there’s even an urban cultivator on site providing fresh herbs, with meat and produce coming from local orchards and farmers, and wine from nearby vineyards. We source our ingredients with care and integrity, seeking the best from local farms that respect their animals, the land and the environment. The results are delicious.

What sets you apart from the other Caterers?
What sets us apart from other caterers is that we use locally sourced products and prepare our dishes in a non traditional and creative way.

Do you have any advice for couples, when designing the menu for their big day?
A question brides should be asking with regards to the menu would be; where do you source the ingredients for your dishes?

After clients contact you, what can they expect?
Clients talk with us via the phone, and I learn as much as I can about their tastes and plans for the wedding day. This information is then used to craft the first draft menu. I’m also happy to arrange a tasting if clients would like to learn more about a dish.

Phone: 778-476-1275